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“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

That is how I opened my farewell letter to my company after 11 years. It is a quote from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. 

While it’s a difficult time, especially in today’s economy. We can’t continue to chase after yesterday. So, I choose to look forward with optimism.

After saying the usual dialog, I ended my letter with: 

So this is not a good-bye, but a thank you and until our paths cross again. 

What I really wanted to say:

"Sleep tight, ya morons" by J.D. Salinger. 

But I believe in never burning bridges.

Times They’re Are-A Changing

Another life change, this one a little scarier than the last. In optimism I’m choosing to believe that this is a change and challenge I’m meant to go through in order to lead me to something better. Perhaps closer to my overall goals. 


Trying to have faith that things will work out as they should. 

I’m completely distracted with my need to have sex.

A Gentleman is a Rare Breed of Man

As women were taught elocution back in the day, men should be taught chivalry, basic manners, swoonship. 

I hate wasting my time. Okay, I think I’m done bitching.

In an unexplainable funk today and feeling a little run down. 

MIA…Lately…Yes, me…..

My apologies for being MIA as of late, work has been pulling me in all directions with additional responsibility and travel. I do hope to get some time soon to bring my snark back, reblog the sexy man that is David Gandy and other photo’s of interest. Hope you all are well. ~ D

Getting my hair fixed this morning before work….

And she better fix it. I know this sounds stupid and childish but I haven’t wanted to leave the house. 

Running Late Thanks to Tumblr

Off to the spa to do girly things and get pretty.